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Prof. Dr. Li JIE, PhD.

Dr. Li Jie finished his master training at Bei Jing Medical University China in 1989. In 1997, he finished his PhD and post doc study in physiology at Nijmegen University, The Netherlands. He has been engaged in TCM as a teacher and practitioner for more than 20 years. Dr. Li Jie is one of the founders of Qing Bai TCM Academy as well as the TCM Classical Research Institute in the Netherlands (www.tcmcri.org).

Dr. Li Jie holds the position of Professor at the Shan Dong TCM University in China, academic supervisor for The Netherlands Acupuncture Association and chief teacher of Qing Bai TCM Academy. Since 2006, he is engaged with the ‘International TCM Master training program’ at Shan Dong TCM University China. In 2011, he lectured at Bei Jing TCM University and he is elected as the Council Member of the 1st Board of Committee of Examination and Evaluation of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. Netherlands


Vorkurs, 27.09.2017, 09.00-18.00 Uhr,

Three Golden Classical Acupuncture Point Combinations for All Kind Pain

Traditional classical acupuncture had focused on the original meridianology and the nature of acupuncture points to reset the program of meridians and to reregulate the pain mechanisms. The original classical acupuncture was based on that meridian is the life programming and life navigating system. It strongly safeguards normal life processes and corrects all mistakes and mutations of life on time. You will be guided into classical acupuncture texts, such as Ling Shu Jing, Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jiang, Zhen Jiu Da Cheng, Qian Jin Yao Fang and etc. to see the real information of acupuncture and understand their clinical applications. From these classical works, The “Three Point-combinations” for all kinds pain treatments will be explained in theoretical and practical ways.

Workshop, 28.09.2017, (2-teilig) 09.15-13.00 Uhr,

Ancient TCM Wisdom for Today’s Emotional Stresses - Huang Di Nei Jing, Daoism, Theories and TCM Treatment 

Compared to western modern medicine, the aspects of spirits (shen) and qing (emotions) in TCM might be a significant differences for health and development of diseases. In this lecture, Dr. Li Jie will guide you deeply into the ancient wisdom from Huang Di Nei Jing and Daoism to see the importance of 5 spirits and 7 emotions in modern diseases. The theories of ‘3 Hun and Seven Po’ in Daoism that related this topic will be explained as well. Acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments of various modern miscellaneous diseases that related the modern stresses will be discussed in details.