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Hongchun YIN

Hongchun Yin received his medicine bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1988, and has worked as a deputy chief physician in Qingdao Hospital of TCM. Currently, he is practicing at his own clinic of TCM in London, England and serving as an academic director of Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners,(UK), and a member of editorial board and an editor of [Journal of Chinese Medicine in the UK], the president of International Association of Modern Tongue Diagnostics.

He focuses on the study and research of pulse and tongue diagnosis, especially specializes in tongue diagnosis and has rich experiences on the study of Tongue Characteristics. Based on the experiences of our ancestors and contemporary experts, combined with biological holographic theory, he established modern tongue diagnosis and treatment system, and set up training courses of Modern Tongue Diagnostics.

He had published a book [Modern Tongue Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine] in English. The Chinese Edition will be published soon.


Modern tongue diagnostics and heart disease
MTD and heart disease: the location of the heart, and different tongue sign changes in different heart diseases, and treatment based on the tongue reading by Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

MTD and Shenzhi disease
(Mental illness, introducing how to analyse the tongue characteristics related to mental illness, how to give the treatment based on the tongue reading.