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Dr. med. Henrike KRENN-PFOB

During the medical studies at the Karl Franzen University acupuncture training with the OGKA Dr. Dorfer and at the Scientific Acupuncture Society Vienna Dr. Wancura King.
1997 to 2002 head of the acupuncture outpatient clinic at the University Women's Clinic in Graz.
Medical practice for acupuncture in Graz since 2000.
2004 Training in Copenhagen Eye Acupuncture with Freddy Dahlgren.

Diploma in acupuncture from the Austrian Medical Association from 2002 to 2008
Consultant for complementary medicine at the Styrian Medical Association from 2002 to 2008
Eye vacation since 2005 (Wenigzell, Pörtschach, Crete, Opatija)