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Dr. med. János WINKLER

He studied medicine and Chinese medicine at home and abroad, discovered his special interest in the regulatory processes in the human body at an early stage, so he came to Chinese medicine and researched its effects. His doctorate in acupuncture for chronic back pain was pioneering for the subsequent nationwide largest application studies on acupuncture (GERAC).

Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, special pain therapy, acupuncture, chirotherapy
Focus: regulatory medicine, molecular medicine & epigenetics, orthopedics & sports medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), neural therapy and therapeutic local anesthesia

As a lecturer in acupuncture and pain therapy, Prof. Winkler has been involved in the training of around 6000 doctors in 25 years of teaching. At national and international congresses His lectures are in demand in Bali, Barcelona, Strasbourg and Beijing. Germany