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Medical studies in Frankfurt, Glasgow (Scotland) and Homburg / Saar. Nine-year clinical training (focus on orthopedics), training in body and ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy), neural therapy, manual medicine, bioidentical hormones.

Since 1990 practicing as a specialist in general medicine, with additional qualifications in naturopathy, acupuncture and sports medicine, emergency medicine.

Lecturer and teacher at the German Academy for Acupuncture. For 25 years head of training at the DAA, Munich.

Numerous publications and articles in specialist journals: 4 textbooks (pocket atlas ear acupuncture also in English, Chinese, Russian, Danish), as well as an interactive one Ear acupuncture tutorial for therapists.

Since 1989 head of the editorship ear acupuncture of the journal "Akupuncture and Auriculomedicine", Springer Verlag, of which four years also editor-in-chief of this specialist journal.