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MD Natalia Kirgizova graduated from Krasnoyarsk Medical University, Russia with degree in medicine in 1985. She completed further training in neurology in 1990 at the same university.

She had internship in Liaoning University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenyang, China in 1991. She studied Su-Jok Therapy in Su-Jok Academy, South Korea in 1995. Then she completed courses in Applied kinesiology in The International College of Applied Kinesiology, Andover, United Kingdom in 1996 and Manual therapy in International School of Osteopathy, St. Etienne, France in 1996.

Natalia acquired professional competences in neurology, reflextherapy, electropuncture diagnostics, bioresonance therapy, osteopathy, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, hirudotherapy, phytotherapy.  She has over 35 years of clinical experience. She has developed novel software approaches for health status analysis and prediction of human adaptation resources levels.