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Mag.Dr.rer.nat. Simone L. PIVAL-MARKO


01/2006 - 04/2009 Doctorate in Technical Chemistry /Biotechnology (Dr.rer.nat.), graduated with distinction
Dissertation with Professor Bernd Nidetzky (Institute of Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering): "Enzymology of Xylose Metabolism in Yeasts - Mechanistic Studies on Candida tenuis Xylose Reductase and Cloning and Expression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Xylulose Kinase".
University of Graz

10/2000 - 06/2008 Studies: Microbiology /Biochemistry (Mag.rer.nat.)
Diploma thesis with Professor Rudolf Zechner (Institute of Molecular Biosciences): "Expression and characterisation of proteins with patatin domains in mammalian cells".