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Dr. med. Christoph HEISERER

Medical University of Vienna from 2000 - 2007; Scientific assistant at the pain outpatient clinic of the Clinic for Special Anesthesia and Pain Therapy of the Medical University of Vienna. Education to become a general practitioner at the KH (hospital) in Steyr. In 2011, start of specialized education in general surgery and in 2013 specialist education in pathology at KH (hospital) in Steyr. Since 2011 doctor of general medicine and since 2013 emergency physician. 2015, education to become an Academic Certified Occupational Physician. Extensive clinical research in the fields of electro-earth acupuncture and vagal stimulation. Since 2008 intensive activity in the field of wound management, as well as clinical research activity with the aim of increasing blood flow in arterial circulatory disorders of the extremities.