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21st international TAO Congress

26. - 28. September 2024 | Graz


Felip Caudet has been in practice as a physiotherapist and acupuncturist since 1999, specialized in Japanese moxibustion. He studied with the japanese masters Tetsuya Fukushima and Hideo Shinma (son of Master Fukaya). Currently, Felip is recognised as the fourth in the teachers lineage of Fukaya Style of Moxibustion due to his developments and contributions to the style.  

He also developed a revolutionary moxibustion method called Kinseikyu method (Postural Balance with Moxibustion). He has published several books as 'El calor que cura' or 'Moxibustión al final de la cuerda' or ‘Isaburo Fukaya’ translated to other languages, on moxibustion and articles in international journals as the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine or Osaka Shinkyu Journal. Nowadays he combines his clinical activity in Spain with teaching around the world (Japan, Brazil, France, UK, Australia, Portugal, Netherlands). 


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