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24. - 26. September 2020 in Graz

Stress and lifestyle disorders in TCM

Dear Colleagues!

We cordially invite you to our 17th International TCM Congress.

This year's congress is devoted to the element wood - liver function group and especially to the topic of stress and lifestyle diseases. There will be lectures and workshops from all areas of TCM in a tried and tested manner, but of course also from other complementary medical therapy methods such as auriculomedicine, laser therapy and orthomolecular medicine.

Why the main topic of stress and lifestyle diseases?

Many diseases in our civilized world are a result of our lifestyle and the result of constant stress that affects us. There are even researchers who consider stress overload to be the leading disease-causing factor of our time. Preventive strategies are particularly important here and this is exactly where the strength of Chinese medicine lies. Thanks to the special diagnostic methods, be it pulse and tongue diagnosis, the special functional medical history or testing with the Nogier reflex (RAC), it is possible to identify disorders early and treat them before serious illnesses occur.

The spectrum of this year's lectures and workshop topics ranges from allergy and asthma, autoimmune diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, food intolerance to eye diseases, alopecia, Alzheimer's and much more.
Choose from our wide range of workshops on the subject of diagnostics, TCM, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, auriculomedicine, western herbal medicine but also laser therapy, Tuina, nutritional therapy, orthomolecular medicine and therapy with aromatic oils.

Also this year there are special lectures for midwives as well as the nutrition day of the association g5e.

We were again able to attract a large number of international speakers who have seldom or never performed in Austria. For years, the TAO Congress has been the largest annual TCM event in the german speaking South..

Take advantage of this opportunity - unique in Austria - to experience TCM, feel the cozy atmosphere and the inspiring ambiance of our TAO Congress. Undergo further education in small groups, where you still have the opportunity to speak with the lecturer personally, meet colleagues and make friends for professional exchange or for a leisurely conversation, and lust but not least enjoy our beautiful town Graz and its Surrounding (for example the Wine yards in Southern Styria).

Come to this special event and you will feel it - TAO: Traditional - Amicable - “Oesterreichisch”

Dr. Peter Aluani
Dr. Olivia Krammer-Pojer



On all three Congress days mostly, practice-oriented workshops are held. Plenary Lectures will take place on Friday and Saturday morning.
Post-Courses complete the congress on Sunday.

Steiermarkhof, Ekkehard-Hauer-Straße 33, 8052 Graz, Austria

Thursday: 9.15 am to 6.00 pm
Friday: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Saturday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Post-Course on Sunday: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

If the Lecture language is English, it is marked with E after the titel and written with bold letters, all other WS`s are in german laguage without translation.

We aks you to book your desired workshops in advance, but according to availability, you can also switch to other workshops during the Congress. For workshops with limited participants marked with “(max 20 Pax)” a fixed registration is required. A first come first served system will be applied.
After Online registration you will receive the booking confirmation and bill via E-Mail.
Approx. two weeks bevor the Congress we send you a link for the download of the Handouts, which are published on the Congress Homepage in a secure area.
You will get your name tag, the goody bag and the Certificate of congress attendance at the Registration office at the Congress Site.

On Sundays there are three full-day refresher courses parallel. Registration for these courses is by mail to renate.pleterski@ogka.at or on the homepage of the OGKA (special courses).

For the participation in the congress, 25 Credits by the ÖÄK (Austrian Medical Chamber) are approved, for CEUs in your country you´ll certainly get a certificate of congress attendance so that you can try to apply for CEUs in your country.

Thursday, 24.09.2020: Guided City-Tour
Friday, 25.09.2020: Congress Party "TCM rocks"

please contact:

The Congress-Hotel "Steiermarkhof"
Ekkehard-Hauer-Straße 33
8052 Graz


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Messeplatz 1, Messeturm, 8010 Graz, Austria
T: + 43/316 / 8075-49, F: + 43/316 / 8075-55
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It is noted that photos are made at the venue and are published for the purpose of documenting the event.