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Bartosz Chmielnicki graduated from Silesian Medical Academy with an MD degree in 2002. Two years later he finished an acupuncture course for doctors and started working as an acupuncturist in a Pain Management Clinic in Tychy. Very quickly he realised that Western Medicine doesn't provide sufficient data for the practice of acupuncture, which is a part of a different, Chinese medical system. From 2005 to 2009 he was studying TCM. Bartosz has been practicing acupuncture for more than 10 years, he is the Co-founder of center for natural therapies – Compleo, and Silesian Academy of Acupuncture. President of Silesian Chapter and Board member of Polish Acupunture Association (2007-2009), and a President of Classical Acupuncture Association (2010 – 2014).
Author of seminars on acupuncture for physicians organized by Colleguim Medicum of Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Provides courses in Czech Republic and Germany, lecturing in Poland, Czech Republic, Isreal and  Germany (Rothenburg congress 2017). Publishes articles, book chapters, educational posters, and a book about pulse diagnosis “Pulse Qualities in Chinese Medicine” (2015-Kiener-Verlag). Cooperates with Dr. Yair Maimon and Rani Ayal. Poland

Treating panic attacks, anxiety and transforming fear with acupuncture

In ancient Chinese clinical book JinGui YaoLue, written by the end of Han dynasty, there is one chapter describing a strange disease known as “running piglet Qi”, which is commonly seen as a form of panic attack. Surprisingly, almost two thousand years later some of our patients experience and describe similar symptoms, that can be treated by acupuncture.

The seminar will be focused on describing different strategies of treating panic and anxiety disorders, as well as opportunities of transforming the emotion of fear. Suggested acupuncture points will be described using innovative “Gates of Life” project.


Eight Channels for Extraordinary Regulations in physiology, diagnosis and treatment

Human body develops from a single cell. We are constantly amazed how precisely our bodies are planned and constructed. There are many levels of self-regulating systems simultaneously functioning inside us, protecting us from external, and internal sources of disharmony. We can approach and influence them through different tools, including acupuncture needles. Basing on careful diagnosis we can help the body in regaining balance and restore health manipulating the sinew channels, main channels, luo-connecting channels and even mysterious divergent channels. But deep beneath them lies the original blueprint of our life – the system of Extraordinary Channels.

During the seminar we will have a closer look at the physiological role of these channels in human bodies, then learn how to diagnose the most common problems of this system, and finally how to use these channels in treatment of serious, chronic diseases.